Free patterns

BOHO rainbow

Do you feel like something colorful and dreamy. Then this boho rainbow pendant free crochet pattern is just right for you.  But beware, you get hooked on it ♡ 

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BOHO moon

Magical and fascinating is the moon. Not only it´s changing form is mysterious, his influence is also palpable. He moves the seas, as well as us. Do you also like this magical dreamy theme. Then this delicate BOHO moon crochet pattern is just right for you 

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Heartbee... by bine

I wanted so much to dedicate a suitable mascot to my name. I hope I succeeded with this little heart-shaped bee. Isn't she sweet like honey?   You can use them as small ornaments, magnets or key chains. They are small and only need a few grams of wool, so you can conjure up around 30 hearts with one ball of wool. Leftover wool can also be used wonderfully for this purpose.