Be someones 


in  a  dark

hopeless night.

The moon is magical and fascinating. Not only because of it´s mysterious changing form, it´s influence is also palpable. It determains the seas, as well as us. It shines without warming. It is not always visible and always there ●☽○☾



NEW MOON - time to set intentions

  • new beginnings
  • new relationships
  • positive changings

It´s the ideal time to dream of new goals. To journal and to write.




INCREASING MOON - time of interaction 

  • growth
  • lern
  • creativity

It is the ideal time to connect, communicate and get things done.




FULL MOON - time for gratitude

  • wishes come true
  • protection
  • realization

Time to appreciate what you are blessed with. You have to see clearly what you have achieved. 





DECREASING MOON - time of clarity

  • letting go
  • declutter / clean
  • opening

Time to give space so that you can develop freely. To separate oneself from physical and mental things. Finish old projects. 



Do you also like this magical dreamy theme? Then this delicate BOHO moon is just right for you. It is based on my BOHO rainbow pendant. Whether as a gift or as a personal gift for you ♡


You can start immediately. It is crocheted quickly and easily. . .




The pattern: 


Difficulty level: easy

Effort: about half an hour




Crochet yarn: about 20 grams of 100% cotton

String or ribbon to hang up


Crochet hook: No. 3

sewing needle




M stich (right around the strand)

R round

○ chain

X single crochet

III triple stitch (increase)


For preparation:


First prepare a wool strip. It is about 42 cm long and 0.5 cm thick. 


This is wrapped with wire about 32 cm. About 5 cm stay hanging loosely on both sides. The wire makes it easy to bend a moon shape.


That's how it works:


You start crocheting the outside of the moon. Crochet a single crochet around the wire. The amount of stitches may vary, depending on how thick your wool is. I had used a pretty thin one. Just hang on to crochet about 20 cm. 


 1. R:       X ○, 90 X                            = 90 M

In the next step, form a moon and turn it over, just as if you would start a new round.

Start with the inside of the moon. Continue to crochet around the wire / wool strip. But to crochet a corner the last stitch of the previous row is tripled III. Then crochet the next 4 stitches into the previous round.

Then continue to crochet separately and crochet about 45 stitches until you reach the other tip of the moon. 4 single crochet in the previous round and the last triple again III.


2. R:     III, 4X in M the previous round, 45X, 4X in M the previous round, III                                = 59 M



Finally, cut the thread and sew generously. Cut the tuft, which hangs out at the upper tip to the desired length and carefully brush through with a comb. Attach a cord / strap as you like and you´re done with BOHO moon ♡

Just hang it up where it makes your heart happy



In every crochet pattern sticks a lot of love, so you should be honest and fair with it.


I therefore cordially please:


This pattern first appeared on (February 2019). Instructions and photos belong to bine from Please name me as the designer and link to my page. Neither this pattern, nor parts of it, nor the finished BOHO moon are allowed to sale.

I wish you much joy in crocheting and am pleased about warm comments and suggestions. 


Wish you love and light