BOHO rainbow

be a


in someone

else`s  c l o u d.


   -Maya Angelou   

Do you feel like something colorful and dreamy. Then this delicate boho rainbow pendant is just right for you. But beware, you get hooked on it ♡ I can´t count how many I have crocheted. Whether as a gift or as a personal one for you ♡



You can start immediately. They are crocheted quickly and easily. . .

Here is the free english pattern:


Difficulty level: easy

Time: about half an hour



crochet yarn: about 20 grams 100% cotton in the color of your choise. For example mint, creme, gold and pink

cord to hang it up (optional)

crochet hook: no. 3

sewing needle





M     stich

R      round

O      thread ring

○      chain

X      single crochet

V      double stich (increase)

>>    repeat until the end of the round

For preparation:


At first 4 wool stripes must be prepared. They are therefor to crochet around them for each row.

I simply wrap the yarn around my fingers five times. For the shorter threads around three and for the longer threads around four fingers.

These produced cords (each made of  4 - 5 threads) are about

10 cm, 12 cm, 14 cm and 16 cm long.

To start the rainbow you in the area below. That´s why you work from the shortest to the longest cord.

And that´s how it works. . .


The stiches are crocheted around the cords, so that a thread tuft hangs down on both sides of the row. To become a beautiful bow, you should gently pull the tuft from both sides. You crochet in rows. For each row you choose a different color to create a colorful rainbow. You start with the shortest strand.

1. R:      [mint] 12 X                                              = 12 M


2. R:     [creme]1 ○, VX >>                                 = 18 M


3. R:     [gold]1 ○,  VXX >>                                = 24 M 


4. R:     [pink]1 ○, VXXX >>                               = 30 M

The making of the first row.

Making of the forth row.

After each row the threads are cut generously, so that they can be sewn in the end. It´s therefore to keep the tuft in place and the yarn can´t slip out.  

Aferwards cut the tuft to the wanted length and brush gently with a comb to get the desired boho structure.

And you are done If you like to you can attach a cord to hang this little BOHO rainbow pendant wherever it makes your heart happy ♡

Video Tutorial:

In every crochet pattern sticks a lot of love, so you should be honest and fair with it.


I therefore cordially please:


This pattern first appeared on (Juli 2018). Instructions and photos belong to bine from Please name me as the designer and link to my page. Neither this pattern, nor parts of it, nor the finished BOHO rainbows are allowed to sale.

Don´t be afraid to show your true colors 💛 💚 💙 💜

I hope you enjoyed crocheting these sweet little  B O H O rainbow ornaments. Looking forward to read your comments and suggestions.


Wish you love and light




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    SHEILA YAP (Montag, 03 Oktober 2022 03:47)

    Thank you so much for sharing.

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    Ana Carolina (Dienstag, 23 Juni 2020 02:27)

    I love it soooo much!! Can't wait to try! Thank you for sharing and the video will help a lot!! Ü

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    Ana Carolina (Samstag, 22 September 2018 02:34)

    Amazing work!!! Thank you very much for sharing! <3