Heartbee . . . by bine


I wanted so much to dedicate a suitable mascot to my name. I hope I succeeded with this little heart-shaped bee. Isn't she sweet like honey?   You can use them as small ornaments, magnets or key chains. They are small and only need a few grams of wool, so you can conjure up around 30 hearts with one ball of wool. Leftover wool can also be used wonderfully for this purpose.


If you have always wanted to try an amigurumi, they are the right choice for you. They are easy and quick to crochet. I imagine a colorful flock of bees. There are no limits to your imagination  But you can also just use yellow / black.

P a t t e r n . . .


Hight: about 6 cm

Difficulty: easy


Work: about 20 minutes



crochet yarn: about 5 grams 100% cotton in the color of your choise. 

cord to hang it up (optional)

black thread


crochet hook: no. 3

sewing needle





M     stich

R      round

●    slip stich

O      thread ring

○      chain

X      single crochet

V      double stich (increase)

Λ    double stich (decrease)

>>    repeat until the end of the round

 The heartbee is completely crocheted in spiral rounds. Head and body are finished together in one go. Then feelers, eyes, cheeks and wings follow and your little buzzing is finished 🐝

  Step 1:     Head 



In order to maintain the heart shape, the following instructions are crocheted and connected twice. Please do not cut the thread when the head is done, just continue crocheting.


 1.     Round:  O with 6X                                                            =   6 M

2.      Round: V >>                                                                         = 12 M

3.      Round: X >>                                                                         = 12 M


When the second crochet piece is finished, crochet both parts side by side together in a row in the middle with 3 stitches. Then continue one round so that 22 stitches are created.

Step 2


1. Round:   X  >>                            =22 M

        2. Round:  X   >>                           =22 M

        3. Round:  9X Λ   9X Λ               =20 M


 Finished Head



Step 3:     Body




Now the first color changes. When changing colors, always stab in the first round, this means in the middle of the stich, between the two vertical threads. . .



colorchange (here brown)

4. Round:    X >>   stich into front                 =20 M

5. Round:    8X Λ  8X  Λ                               =18 M


colorchange (here gold)

6. Round: X >>  stich into front                    =18 M

7.  Round:  7X Λ  7X  Λ                                =16 M


colorchange (here brown)

8. Round:    X >>   stich into front                  =16 M

9. Round:    6X Λ  6X  Λ                               =14 M


colorchange (here gold)

10. Round:    X >>   stich in front                 =14 Maschen






I dripped one or two drops of chamomile essential oil on to the fiberfill. But this is optional.


11. Round:  Λ >>                               =  7                 



Cut the thread generously and close the little opening.


Y a y . . the body is done ♡

Step 4:       Wings


big 2 times

1.      Round:  O with 6X   ●                                              =  6 M

2.      Round: V >>                                                             = 12 M


3.-6  Round: X >>    (4 rounds)                                       = 48 M


small 2 times

1.      Round:  O mit 6X   ●                                              =  6 M

2.      Round: V >>                                                            =  8 M

3-5.  Round: X >>   (3 Rounds)                                      = 24 M



Always cut the thread generously to sew later . . .


. . . sew onto the side of the body. Watch out to sew the big wings on top and the small wings under them. They should overlap in the middle.

  Step 5:    Face


 For the little Heartbee to explore the world, it needs a friendly face.

  Eyes 2 times embroider or sew on glass eyes


  Cheeks with Rouge 


   Feeler pull a thread through and knot it

YAY you did it . . . your own special Heartbee is done ♡   Or perhaps a hole swarm??? summsummsumm …

Take your time to do what you love♡

In every crochet pattern sticks a lot of love, so you should be honest and fair with it.


I therefore cordially please:


This pattern first appeared on http://www.haekelliebe-by-bine.com/ (February 2017). Instructions and photos belong to bine from www.haekelliebe-by-bine.com. Please name me as the designer and link to my page. Neither this pattern, nor parts of it, nor the finished Heartbees are allowed to sale.


Enjoy crocheting your amigurumi . . . I would love to see lots of colorful Heartbees from you. You can use Instagram


Wish you love and light.

Yours bine 

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